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Exclusivo B3 stems from a research project aimed at optimizing radiator performances in order to offer a product with high mechanical and energetic capabilities. A high degree of innovation, achieved thanks to the two patents this product was able to obtain, allows the Exclusivo B3 radiator to be ideal for renovations and low temperature heating systems.

Optimal weight-to-heat output ratio
Modular: perfect for any space
No welds, so no problems with burrs
Improved heat exchange = high performance, low consumption
ModelisWater capacity Siltumjauda t°50 Siltumjauda t°70 Sekciju skaitsCena
B3 Exclusiv 800-350 2,0 l906,0 W1400,0 W10 102.40
B3 Exclusiv 960-350 2,4 l1087,2 W1680,0 W12 122.88
B3 Exclusiv 1120-350 2,8 l1268.4 W1960,0 W14 143.36
B3 Exclusiv 1280-350 3,2 l1449,6 W2240,0 W16 157.54
B3 Exclusiv 1440-350 3,6 l1630,8 W2520,2 W18 177.23
B3 Exclusiv 1600-350 4,0 l1812,0 W2800,0 W20 196.93